From our family to Yours!

WETATi Shea Butter came about as a result of many years of family looking and experimenting with different homemade natural products that not only improves how skin looks and feels but also has other healthy benefits for the entire body. We decided to partner with women oil producing in Africa, the mother of oil and shea butter skin care by infusing our home made secret ingredients to the organically grown Shea butter produced in Africa.

WETATi Shea Butter, by design is part of the socially responsible entrepreneurship platform for women, uniquely made by the women of WETATi. The brand is about empowerment and finding creative ways to fashion business or lifestyle opportunities for women. We work with small women business owners around the world to become economically empowered. By partnering with them to produce good quality WETATi brand like the organic shea butter from the Gambia. Become part of the economic empoweremnt emancipation movement for women today!

Our goal is to use the WETATi brand to create business opportunities for women who would like to own their own business. To learn more on becoming a distributors/marketing representatives for shopWETATiNow visit