• Image of WETATi Aroma Therapy + Menthol Karite RAW SHEA BUTTER

Organic & Authentic Raw African Shea butter infused with Fresh peppermint extracts:
*Soothes & Heals irritable skin & cuts
*Therapeutic due to the infused peppermint extract into the Shea butter
*Helps to relieve bodily aches and pains, itchiness, muscle pain and muscle cramps *Great for massages
*Great for healing wounds, joint pains, bruised skin, and scars.
*Moisturizer for your lips, Scalp &Hair
100% Shea Butter infused with fresh native menthol leaf extract.

Use continually and you will feel, & experience the difference & miracle in WETATi Shea Butter because the difference is clear.
Store in cool & dry place.
11 oz.